Hello! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my new platform. We’ve known each other for quite some time now, so I think it’s only right that we should be properly introduced. My name is Elisabet Tiselius, I’m an interpreter and a PhD student in Interpreting Studies. I interpret into Swedish from English, French and Danish, and I also interpret from Swedish into English. I work as both conference and public service interpreter. But right now, I’m mostly busy writing a PhD thesis on simultaneous interpreters’ development of competence at the University of Bergen, Norway.

I will not dwell on my background, in case you are curious you can read more about me in these different blog posts; About me, Of course I am Science, Me and my hats‎, Versatile blogger award, Being a travelling interpreter, mother, spouse and friend, My life five years ago 

I have been blogging about interpreting and PhD-writing for a quite a while now, four years actually. When I started blogging, I decided to do so anonymously. I had several reasons for doing this. First of all, I did not want my family to get involuntarily involved in my blogging. Not that there was a very big risk, since I did not blog much about my family. But nevertheless it was an important reason. Secondly, I did not want to compromise my customers. Not that it was very likely, since I don’t write about directly customer related issues, but I just didn’t want to take the risk of even creating that suspicion.

As I blogged, I imagined my students as potential readers, and I know many of my students also read my blog. But over the years, I have discovered that many of my colleagues read my blog, and also interpreters from other parts of the world and other contexts. The professional network I have built thanks to my blog has become more and more important, and although most of you know me by name already, I have found that I cannot continue to blog anonymously and still make a professional impression.

Thanks to Meg and Marta at Websites for Translators I have also gotten help to refresh my blog and my homepage. Check out my Swedish homepage here, in some not too distant future it will have an English translation too.


4 thoughts on “Hello! Nice to meet you!

  1. Elisabet, congratulations on your beautiful new blog!
    When I referenced you in my latest post I was not sure whether you would be ok with me using your real (first) name. But since you had hinted at this outing before I decided you probably wouldn’t mind. And now your in the open, and I think you were right to be careful about this step.
    I’ll always look forward to your posts and I hope that we can continue our fruitful exchange on interpreter training.

    • Matt, Thank you! It is very OK to refer to me with my real name. Especially now :-). I’m trying to get two minutes to comment on your blog as well. It is indeed an interesting discussion and let’s keep it going!

  2. I’m shamelessly proud of Meg and the rest of the team! Your new on-line home looks great: both here, and on the homepage. Thanks for mentioning me as well.

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