I will miss you Miriam!


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I just got one of the saddest messages. The wonderful professor Miriam Shlesinger of Bar-Ilan university has left us.

Dear Miriam,

I’m so extremely grateful that I have known you. You were, and will continue to be, a fantastic role model. I have admired you so much, your scholarly work of course, but also your kind, inclusive personality. I have no idea how you had time and energy for everything and everyone, but I understand you worked hard. I hope you got much good energy back from all of us and that you understood how much you meant.

Thanks to you so many good things exist in Interpreting (and Translation) Studies. I hope that we can continue to carry your torch and that your memory will live strong.

Do continue to keep an eye on us.


Read Miriam’s acceptance speech for the Danica Seleskovitch award. It’s a wonderful account of both her personal story and her life in Interpreting Studies.


9 thoughts on “I will miss you Miriam!

  1. Very very sad news. Such a considerate person. So great, yet humble.
    Thank you, Elisabet for sharing. I’ll post it on the aiic page and on mine, too.

  2. Waking up to such sad news, the only possible reaction for me is to say: Thank you Miriam.
    I had the privilege of meeting Miriam Shlesinger when I attended the CETRA Summer School back in 2008. I still vividly remember the tutorial we had and Miriam’s kind, understated manner, behind which, of course, was a great mind and a brilliant woman. Her greatest gift was her simplicity and her willingness to listen to others. You will be sorely missed, Miriam. Rest in peace, wherever you may be.

  3. She was a very kind, very hard-working person right to the end, and she fought a long battle with cancer. She will be remembered.

    She had a broad vision of interpreting. The very emotional speech of hers that you link to is deeply impressive as a tribute from a conference interpreter to community interpreters.

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