30 days on interpreting

I have decided to adapt one of those lists that you find on so many blogs to interpreting, and see if I can come up with something new and (hopefully) interesting. 30 days and 30 quite personal things on interpreting.

Day 01 About me
Day 02 My first interpreting job
Day 03 Interpreting teachers I remember
Day 04 Daily interpreting practice
Day 05 What is good interpreting
Day 06 A day at work
Day 07 My best colleague
Day 08 A moment in the booth
Day 09 I really believe that…
Day 10 This is what I bring to the booth
Day 11 My colleagues
Day 12 In my suitcase
Day 13 An interpreting week
Day 14 One thing you didn’t know about interpreting
Day 15 My goals as an interpreter
Day 16 Don’t you ever make mistakes?
Day 17 My best interpreting memory
Day 18 My favourite type of interpreting
Day 19 Something I regret
Day 20 This month
Day 21 The most interesting person I’ve interpreted
Day 22 Things that upset me when I interpret
Day 23 Things that make me happy when I interpret
Day 24 Can you show your feelings when you interpret
Day 25 The first time I heard about interpreting
Day 26 Things I like less with my job
Day 27 My favourite booth
Day 28 If I could improve the interpreting profession I would…
Day 29 My ambitions
Day 30 And lastly…


4 thoughts on “30 days on interpreting

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